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Jervis Djokoto Published 2 years ago in Gospel, in album: I'm Whole Again

He Knows My Name (feat. Adzo and Jeffery)

Written in 4 different languages (Ga, Twi [Ghanian Languages]; English and Luganda [Spoken on Uganda]), this song, with an acoustic guitar base, presents a delicate mixture of African and contemporary sounds and features gifted musicians from around the world.

Inspired by the life of a street kid, Ojororo, this release invites us on a journey into the heart of God for a boy who lives on the streets of Jinja, Uganda. The artist met this street kid on a mission trip with his Church, Sanctus Church (in partnership with iTeam Canada’s Impact Uganda Program) serving homeless youth in Uganda in 2018. Touched by the plight of this boy— plus countless others like Him— the Song “He Knows My Name #HKMNSongCampaign, is more than just the release of a beautiful and inspiring tune. It is a Call To Action, a call to Godly compassion and attention towards the vulnerable and underprivileged. Partnering with iTeams Canada’s Impact Uganda Program, this release is accompanied by a campaign to support street children on the streets of Jinja, Uganda, during this Global epidemic. What better time to release a song and Campaign than a time like this?


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